Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Ask Dr. Couch (#347)

Dr. Couch, what is happening to Christian music?

ANSWER: Today, the main focus in Christian music is to be pandering to the younger Christian audience, with the argument that this has got to happen in order to "hold" the crowd and to meet their taste in entertainment. The issue is entertainment, and nothing else! Don't let anyone fool you that it has to do with worship or spirituality! This is a lie!

Thank the Lord for the churches that are holding on to the music that speaks to the soul but many congregations are capitulating to what they think they must do in order to hold up numbers. If hot-rock music is required to keep people in church this is proof that the apostasy is already here, as I have been arguing for sometime now.

I have some guidelines that I think are biblical but also make sense with anyone who thinks normal!

(1) Can I hum the tune after hearing it? (2) Can I understand the words? (3) Do the words conform to sound biblical doctrine and truth? (4) Do the words, and the tune, honor the Lord rather than pander to the flesh and the physical? (5) Does the song emphasize grace, salvation, eternity, etc.? (6) Does it simply sound like a "love song" that has a romantic tinge to it, rather than proper spiritual love? (7) Is the song loud and blaring in order to bring on an emotional response? (8) Is it a mantra with empty repetition (Praise God, praise God, praise God, praise God)? (9) Can both old and young understand the song and be equally touched by it?

The other day I saw an interview on a TV news program of a girl Christian rock star. She was promoting a concert she was putting on just for girls. (I don't know why the guys were excluded!) She said the concert was about "honesty," whatever that was supposed to mean. God and Christ were not brought into the conversation. As she sang, the only words I could understand were, which she sang over and over again: "Just make some noise! Just make some noise!" (I'm sure that pleased the Lord!) She added that the concert was "just going to be a blast!"

All of this has nothing to do with the fact that I am older than she. What is going on is a departure from the Scriptures in Christian music. It is one of the indicators that THE apostasy is here, and it is not getting better. It is only going to get worse. And, there is no way to turn this around. Our churches, youth leaders, etc., know nothing about doctrinal truth or what should be happening in reaching people for Christ. We are dancing all the way to the edge of the pit!

By the way, any group of elders who are allowing this kind of music in their church, are compromising and going along with the evil culture! You need to go and sell shoes!

Thanks for asking.
Dr. Mal Couch