Saturday, May 23, 2009

Ask Dr. Couch #24

Dr. Couch, what do you think of Marvin Rosenthal's Pre-wrath rapture position?

ANSWER: When you want Bible answers listen to those capable of truly exegeting the Scriptures. Rosenthal has virtually no biblical training. Those of us who have had years and years of strong theology, and hours and hours of the biblical languages, are far better qualified to explain the truth, and that is in this case, the fact is that the rapture of the church is clearly a PRE-TRIBULATIONAL RAPTURE!

A close friend of mine and a fellow graduate school graduate, Dr. Renald Showers, has done the final word on this crazy belief in his book The Pre-Wrath Rapture View (Kregel). Get the book. It will answer the issue once and for all. However I found the Achilles Heal on the subject in Revelation 6:12-17 as clearly shown in my Greek translation. This is the sixth seal, which is way up front at the start of the tribulation and the beginning of the wrath. From the Greek verses 16b-17 we read:

"Hide us from the presence of Him who is right now sitting on the throne and from the wrath of the Lamb, for the great day of "their" wrath [the wrath of the Father and the Son] CAME, ARRIVED, IS HERE, and who is able to continue to right now be left standing."

In other words at this point, at the beginning of the tribulation, the wrath of God and His Son had already arrived, whereas Rosenthal says the wrath comes further down in the book of Revelation. He even foolishly calls in 6:17 the CAME as a future aorist tense, which will in no way fly by the full context and the grammar of the passage. In other words, Rosenthal has an agenda. He wants desperately to put the church somewhere into the tribulation so it can get "cleaned" up from its sins. This is the nutty view of "tribulation sanctification," which means Rosenthal does not understand "Positional" sanctification of the believer, and the fact that this "Positional" truth is what gets us to heaven, not some phony cleaning up by the pain of the tribulation!

Why is it that people want to always go down the bumpy back road and not stay on the main highway of clear, obvious meaning of a text? It is because they have an axe to grind, an agenda that somehow fits into their preconceived ideas. And, for some reason, they hate like crazy the obvious pre-tribulational view that is so easy to exegete and explain from the plain meaning of the Bible texts.

Thanks for asking,

Mal Couch, Ph.D., Th.D.